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All you wish to know and learn.

Find all the info regarding the nature of Aptugo, its potential and capacities. And this is only the beginning!

Anatomy of Aptugo's elements
See an Aptugo's element insides and discover how to build your own!
What is Aptugo?
Funny enough, many people thinks Aptugo as a Low-coding platform. It is actually the tool you would use if you need to build a software (Like: a low-coding platform), your resources are limited, and you have a deadline.
Ownership of Applications and Data
Basic rule is: You own your data, and your applications, and your elements. And everything.
Aptugo Client
We show you the basics of Aptugo, the different areas, and what's their main purpose
Access your code
Aptugo gives you complete and exclusive access to your code
Getting started with Aptugo
Follow this step by step guide that takes you from 0 to 100 in a few minutes
Start here
Quick start guide for Aptugo.
In short: We exist to take away all development pains.
Applications Structure
Aptugo sets a separation layer between the application logic and the programming language.
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