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Database & User Experience

Introduction to Aptugo 2

OK, Aptugo is great....What now?
Let's make a short tour through the main features!

Once the application is created, we find two main sections: Database and Pages. In Database we will visually create our data architecture and relate the information in an intuitive way, establishing the logic of the project or business. Once this phase is defined, we'll gain 80% of the logic of the code, already provided by Aptugo and downloaded to your computer.

In Pages you can create and drag pages to organize the navigation flow. By double-clicking on the pages, we access a new organization tree for our visual elements: titles, images, texts, menus, lists, carousels, among others. This generates the HTML code that corresponds to the structure of the site. The organization is based on the model of boxes where elements are arranged, one within another, and thus distribute the content. The sites and apps created with Aptugo are responsive and mobile friendly.

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