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How to manage Material UI in Aptugo

Aptugo allows developers to manage Material UI components

Material UI provides a simple, customizable, and accessible library of React components.

Aptugo allows developers to manage those components with a simple drag-n-drop and create unique and customizable Apps at the speed of thought.

In Aptugo you can create an App with just two clicks. Once the App is created we can find the navigation tree inside the section "Pages". There you can create a new page and name it, for example, "Home". By clicking home you'll find a menu to your right.

Inside that library, you'll find the material UI components. Once you find them, you'll be able to drag-n-drop whatever component you need.

For example, if you want to make the page "Home", responsive, you drag-n-drop the element "Grid". Then you can define the number of columns, etc.

You can add as many elements as you need!

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